Artificial turf is generally an alternative to natural turf and is the result of a series of researches aimed at eliminating the disadvantages of natural turf. Artificial turf was used for the first time in sports fields.

The raw material of synthetic turf is petroleum. Its technical content is composed of rubber granule fillings and is woven from 100% polyethylene yarn.

Saving Water and Money

Artificial turf has been experiencing high demand growth in recent years due to the fact that natural grass has high maintenance costs, is labour-intensive and can yield unpredictable results.

Usable in All Weather Conditions

Artificial turf shows very high durability even in extreme heat or extreme cold. No water accumulation on the surface as long as the drainage unit is properly installed. The water drawing feature of artificial turf is more advantageous than the water holding feature of natural grass. Unlike natural grass, where the same area can change colours over the course of time, synthetic grass maintains its colour due to the UV treatment of its yarn.


Artificial turf is easy and inexpensive to take care of, and it can have a long life with only little maintenance. This places artificial turf very highly on your range of options. When checked and maintained regularly, the lifespan of artificial turf reaches about 10 years.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Compared to natural grass applications, artificial turf is by far easier to maintain and clean. It can maintain its initial appearance for years with only little regular maintenance.

Perfect Solution Against Allergies

As artificial turf does not require treatment with insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers, people with allergies are less exposed to harmful chemicals outside. Being hypoallergenic, artificial turf is beneficial to humans as well as pets.

  • Synthetic turf is less slippery than natural grass, which is a chemical that does not harm human health which positively affects the performance of athletes.
  • Artificial turf slippery effect allows athletes to play more. It is a special product with suitable designs for sports.
  • Synthetic grass is natural petroleum products that require less sand, are more resistant to abrasion and do not lose their originality for 10 years.
  • Artificial grass is a healthy structure consisting of 100% polyethylene which doesn’t have a negative effect on ball bouncing norm and is compatible with sports intelligence and consciousness.
  • Synthetic turf is a more environmental friend product with aesthetic properties.
  • Robust structures not affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow or frost. In addition, ultraviolet (UV) rays can not melt or change the color of the product.
  • Low-cost sports complex material with low operating and low maintenance costs.
  • Artificial turf is a combination of strong polyethylene yarns with self-preserving properties from insect and naughty insects with its existing structure that does not want any agricultural and chemical care medicines.
  • Synthetic turf 365 days 7/24 can be expressed as highly efficient values that offer a high level of sporting pleasure in high efficiency.

Substances and quantities used during production are under strict supervision. Every product sold in our company complies with these conditions, the manufacturers are obvious. However, as in every industry, we see a lot of product sales that are unclear in the market, where it is not known where they are produced, and they have no controls in production. Our advice regarding this issue is to choose the place you are going to purchase from.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Carpet Area
  • Professional Football Fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Athletic Track
  • Running Tracks and Walking Paths
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Decorative Pool Edges
  • Landscaping and Playground Floors
  • Decorative Facade Panels and Garden Fences
  • Hotels, Cafeterias, Shopping Centers, Terraces and Gardens

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In terms of players’ health and performance, it was found through FIFA Tests that synthetic turf is the best choice. The structure of the yarns and the infill materials of artificial grass are minimizing the risk of injury of players. Similarly, as a result of running, stopping and agility tests performed on players, it was found that the performance of players on synthetic turf increased by 15% – 20%.


Synthetic turf carpets manufactured with FIFA standards are UV protected and highly resistant to rain, snow and cold weather conditions. If the drainage system is installed correctly, there will be no problems such as drying or sludge of the field such as the natural grass fields.


There are no applications such as irrigation, spraying and fertilization in synthetic grass fields. Thus, you will save around 30 tons of water per year. You also avoid the application of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Polyethylene or polypropylene structure of synthetic turf does not contain harmful bacteria or micro-organisms.


It is possible to have the same performance via FIFA quality concept (FQC) World wide. Thus, the field differences that occurred in the away games were eliminated and the same game comfortability and confidence was gained in every place and climate.

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