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Padel Courts have become an increasingly popular sport recently. As the most important alternative reason, especially played in pairs; it is a sport that can be played as a group, whether with family members or friends.

Padel tennis; although it is known as a new sport, its history dates back to the 1970s. Padel tennis, which emerged in Mexico, is mostly played in countries where Spanish culture is dominant.

With the covid-19 pandemic period, it has become a sport that attracts more attention in Turkey and the world. Padel tennis is a sport that combines squash and tennis. It has similarities as well as differences with tennis. Our company builds Padel courts where this sport is practiced.

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Padel tennis is a widely played sport especially in Argentina, Latin America, Mexico and Brazil. Padel tennis is a mutually played sport consisting of two-person teams. Padel tennis is a sport that is played with special padel tennis rackets, special tennis balls and equipment, unlike normal tennis, as three sets on a 20m x 10m field. The scoring system of this sport is done in the same way as normal tennis.

FIP (International Padel Federation) is the international federation of padel tennis, founded in 1991. As a padel production company, we use quality materials to build and install long-lasting and useful padel tennis courts for you, padel tennis lovers, in line with the rules set by this federation.

Padel tennis is a sport that is played with rackets and consists of three sets, as in the standard tennis game. Padel racquet is shorter than tennis racquet and the racquet part is closed. The rules are the same as in tennis, but in standard tennis, when the ball hits the wall, the set changes, while in padel tennis it continues. If the ball hits the ground once, it continues, but if it hits more than once, the set changes. Padel tennis does not require power, so it is an activity that even children can play and have a good time with the family. There are not many rules in this game. Eight people can play at the same time in padel tennis, but it is generally preferred to be played with double players. Strategy is more important than power in this game. This makes the game more enjoyable.

Europeangrass® produces padel courts by taking into account the standards set by international authorities. Standard padel court dimensions are 10*20m for double court and 6*20m playing field for single-person padel courts. It is essentially rectangular like a tennis court, but with variations. The tennis court is 23.78 meters long, 8.23 meters wide for single tennis courts, and 10.97 meters wide for double tennis courts. While the lines are white, there are no walls on the sides. While the centre is 0.914 meters and the sides are 1.07 meters in tennis, the middle height of the net is 0.88 meters and the tip height is 0.92 meters in padel tennis. As our company, we make tennis courts in 18m x 36m dimensions for professionals, as well as smaller tennis courts in amateur use areas.

Europeangrass® uses different alternatives upon request while preparing the ground for Padel tennis courts. While building padel courts; artificial grass, acrylic and tartan floors can be used. Concrete beam is made by connecting Plywood moulds. The slope in the field is given by inclining in one direction. If we are going to apply artificial grass carpet on the floor of the field, we lay gravel on the ground, then felt and then artificial grass. If the base will be a tartan or acrylic floor application, this time we make the floor more durable by applying a concrete or asphalt floor. If tartan or acrylic is to be made, we recommend that the floor be asphalt in order to be of better quality and strength. In this way, the ground is even more robust against adverse weather conditions.

Standard padel court construction takes 20-30 days and assembly time is 1 week. We calculate this work time according to suitable ground and weather conditions. However, when making padel tennis courts, the production and assembly time can be changed according to the project type and the material to be used.

During the construction process of Europeangrass® padel tennis court, we continue with concrete casting, iron works, wire mesh, lighting, synthetic grass carpet flooring and finally tennis net installation. First, we start by digging the foundation for the beam formwork that goes around the area to be safer and stronger. For the beam, we use iron rods and this is how we make a net. We place anchor pipes on the scale at regular intervals so that it is smooth when connecting the main posts of the fence. Then we pour ready-mixed concrete into the perimeter beam moulds. We open drainage channels to establish a drainage system, thus preventing the accumulation of water in the field. In this way, we protect the field from adverse weather conditions such as rain. We complete the drainage system in the field with the appropriate material and close these channels. These channels are reset with the ground. For padel courts, we cover the floor with gravel filling material. If the floor will be concrete, then the ready-mixed concrete is poured over the gravel and the floor is made flat. Then we assemble the perimeter posts, glass panels and metal mesh panels.

According to the material properties to be used in padel fields; in padel courts where artificial turf will be used, gravel or concrete ground can be laid under the artificial turf. On the floors where acrylic and tartan will be used, concrete or concrete and asphalt should be applied. Dimensions for padel tennis court double pitches; The width is 10 meters and the length is 20 meters, and the dimensions for single-player pitches are 6 meters wide and 20 meters long. In order for the ground to be solid, our company is 15 cm. It uses C25 or C30 concrete with thick steel mesh.

In padel tennis courts, iron-fed concrete beams of 30 cm diameter and 40 cm height should be built around the court. 10-12mm glass panels with a height of 3 meters behind the goal and metal poles around the field will be mounted on the beam concrete. The inside measure of these beam concretes should be 10*20m for double-person pitches and 6*20m for single-person pitches.

After the metal poles and glass installation in Europeangrass® padel fields, artificial turf carpet is installed, then silica sand (washed, round stream sand) is laid on the artificial turf, after brushing it becomes ready for the game. Artificial turf is the most preferred material for the floor of padel courts. Artificial turf is preferred because it is easy to install and easy to maintain and repair.

Classic Padel Court and Its Features

Classic padel tennis court; We call the fields that we build by supporting the glass panels with a metal pipe or metal profile every 2 meters, as classic padel courts. Padel courts are 1/3 smaller than tennis courts. The net and game equipment used for padel courts have the same features as standard tennis.

The difference of the classic padel tennis court from the standard tennis court is that the field is surrounded by glass in the game. Classic padel tennis court; 2m wide and 3m high, tempered, impact resistant glass panels are laid in a U shape behind the goal and in the outer corners, and 1m high mesh steel is laid in the places behind the goal.

Construction of the Classic Padel Field

The classic padel consists of panoramic tennis courts and panoramic padel with a width of 10 meters and a length of 20 meters. In order for the ground to be solid, our company is 15 cm. It uses C25 or C30 concrete with thick steel mesh. Padel tennis courts; It consists of 10 meters in width and 20 meters in length. We use impact resistant 10mm-12mm tempered glass on the exterior of the area surrounding the pitch. For field lighting, we place two 200W LED floodlights on each of its four corners. We assemble the projectors, electrical infrastructure and installation in a way that will meet the energy needs of the project in a safe way, so that the field is at the desired light in the evenings.

We lay 11mm – 13mm synthetic grass on the concrete we have assembled. Artificial turf flooring; the installation of the system is practical and very easy and maintenance is easy after installation.

padel tennis x
padel tennis x

Construction of Panoramic Padel Courts

During the construction of the panoramic padel court, we build a field that is 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, as in the classic. We open the drainage channels to install a drainage system, thus preventing the accumulation of water on the site. The drainage system in the field is completed with suitable material and these channels are closed. For Panoramic Padel courts, the floor is covered with gravel filling material. Ready-mixed concrete is poured on the gravel and completely flattened, along with perimeter posts, 12mm glass panels, metal profiles and steel mesh.

In the middle of the playing field, a net divides the field and allows the ball to be thrown over it. This net has a maximum height of 88 cm in the centre. The areas on both sides of this net are divided by a line in the middle and a line 3 meters from the back wall determines the service area.

Surrounding of Panoramic Padel Courts

We fix the metal pipes placed vertically on the anchor pipes mounted on the beam concrete by welding. Then we connect the support pipes to these pipes vertically and horizontally. We lay the horizontal pipes at regular intervals on the vertical pipes on all four sides of the field. We mount lighting poles on the long sides of the panoramic padel tennis court, and then we place 200 W LED projectors on the lighting poles.

By assembling the projectors, we make them work in a way that will safely meet all the energy needs of the field.

Roofed Padel Tenis Courts

While our company is constructing the roofed padel court, it is constructing it in accordance with the standards of the padel game. By covering the top of the padel court with a roof, it allows you to play padel tennis whenever you want, even in adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow. In addition, it is ensured that sunrays, rain, less affect the field and snow waters, even if it is partial, and it is more robust and long lasting.

While the roofed padel tennis court is being built, we keep the professional service approach in the foreground, as in other padel courts, we make it 10 meters wide and 20 meters long in accordance with international standards. We use C25 and C30 concrete when constructing the floor of the padel court. We are applying artificial grass carpet on this concrete. We place a double layer of polyurethane glue applied seaming tape on the joints of the artificial turf carpet. In this way, artificial grass adheres better and becomes durable. Roofed padel lines are cut in white or yellow in line with your needs and wishes as the project owner, and we place them on the field in accordance with international norms.

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The Ground Works for Roofed Padel

First, we open the foundation that goes around the area completely, we place the beam formwork. For the beam, we assemble the iron bars. In order to connect the main pillars of the padel court, we place the anchor pipes with scales and at regular intervals. For roofed padel courts, we fill the floor with gravel filler.

Then, we get a flat floor by pouring C25 or C30 concrete on these pebbles and inclining them. We are installing artificial grass on a concrete floor.

We place double-layer polyurethane adhesive tape on the joints of the artificial turf carpet. In this way, it is ensured that the grass adheres better and is more durable. We achieve excellent softness performance with the use of artificial turf as the flooring system of padel courts. In addition, the artificial grass we have laid has high UV resistance.

The advantages of good drainage on gravel floors; we can state that it will provide benefits such as anticorrosive, anti-mildew, fastness.

The Construction of Roofed Padel Courts

After the ground of the field is prepared, we place corner columns and intermediate columns on the field with the application of modular screw system. Then we place 10-12mm tempered glass panels on the back and sides of the goal of the padel tennis court and place 4 lighting poles. For lighting, we mount two LED projectors on each pole. In this way, we ensure that games can be played in the evening or at night. We place these floodlights in such a way that they can safely meet their energy needs and make them work.

The Advantages of Roofed Padel Courts

When constructing a roofed padel tennis court, we use a poly-carbon roof system, so the roof we have made; it is resistant to impact or scratches, it is longer lasting and useful.

With its roofed padel tennis court, it allows you to have a nice activity with your loved ones at any time you want, in all four seasons, without being affected by adverse weather conditions, even in rainy or even snowy weather or the scorching heat of the sun. In addition, it allows athletes who play this sport professionally to practice or compete whenever they want.

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